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From North Base
Manchester Public Health Development Service
Victoria Mill
Lower Vickers Street
Miles Platting
M40 7LJ

NEW - Men's Health Display
A new six panel display set that highlights men's health issues. Covering topics like, prostate cancer, testicular awareness, men and smoking, alcohol and sexual health.

The six panels are available on CD ROM ready to be passed to a printer of your choice. They can be printed as posters or display panels

CD containg all six designs, costs 80 or 25 per panel of your choice.

NEW - Act Like a Man Video Pack Developed by the 'Act Like A Man Project' in Manchester for work with young men aged 11-16 in schools, youth groups and support settings. The video deals with a range of young men's issues including stereotyping, putting on 'fronts' and coping with stress. The workshop that goes with it, aims to raise challenging questions about how perceptions of young men and the roles they take on themselves, can affect the development of identity and mental well-being in this age group. £40

Bosom Buddies Leaflets - Breast awareness information for 11 to 16 year old girls - including self esteem, exercise, bra measurement and becoming breast aware
45p (1 leaflet)
35p (20 leaflets)
28p (50 leaflets)

Mental Health Pack new edition.

Sex, Lies and Hearsay - Video pack exploring sexual health issues with
young men 40.00 (plus VAT on video)

TSE Testicular Self-Examination - A Health Check for Men of all Ages This concise leaflet explains in simple, non-alarmist terms: * The warning signs of testicular cancer * How to carry out TSE * Who is at increased risk Prices: 100-499 20p each 500-999 15p each 1000+10p each (minimum order 50)

The Great Smoking Quiz - An interactive CD Rom that allows young people to explore interesting facts about smoking. It has been designed for young people aged 7 or over and can be used by individuals, teachers, youth workers for group discussions, or as a resource at presentations. 1-49 disks £11 (per disk) 50-99 disks £9 100+ disks £8

Xpress It Posters - Advice and information for young people around mental health issues
16 per set (one - four sets)
12 per set (five or more sets)

Orders must be accompanied by cheque/postal order only
Please make cheques payable to North Manchester Primary Care Trust.

From South Base

Manchester Public Health Development Service
Resource and Information Library
Withington Hospital
Nell Lane
West Didsbury
M20 2LR

Equality in Practice Training & Information Pack - Improving Access to Primary Care For Lesbians and Gay Men
If you work on Lesbian/Gay/Bisexual health issues this pack will be of interest to you. The pack describes the very successful scheme 'Equality In Practice', which works with Manchester Primary Care Teams and Sexual Health Services to improve access and services for gay men and lesbians.
SPECIAL OFFER £20.00 per copy plus £1.00 postage and packing. (Normal price 45.00)

Food & Health Pack - Resources and Information for Schools Key Stages 1 - 4

Guidelines for Written Information- Publicity materials, handbooks and general information (updated 2002)

"Hold on tight, you'll be alright" - A 10 page survival guide for young gay and bisexual men who may be worrying about their sexuality, want more information about mental health and sexual health. Lists useful internet addresses and organisations that offer advice. 30p each

Ready, Teddy, Go - Resource and Information Pack on physical activity and food, for use in schools.
Key Stages 1 and 2

A Practical Guide to.... - A practical guide to... takes you through the planning stages of a group; it gives some tips for recruiting adults with learning disabilities to your group. I sets out a range of educational group and individual activities for you to choose from. There are 33 pages of photocopiable materials.
Knowing your body, healthy eating, making exercise fun and stopping smoking.
An exercise programme adapted for people with learning disabilities.
A step by step guide to relaxation.
30.00 or free to 'Health Promoters' in Manchester.

Survey of Lesbian Health - 38 pages of information giving insight into the in Manchester 1995-1997 -and health needs of a sample group of 164 Manchester lesbians. The report includes a sample questionnaire, discussion of the Data and recommendations for action

Sex Workers The Health and happiness Guide-for 'working women' in Manchester saunas - This is an attractive resource for female sex workers based in Manchester saunas. It covers a wide range of general, sexual and emotional health information and advice about womenÕs health for women who work in saunas.

The Good Escort Guide - A guidebook for male escorts who sell sex in the Manchester area. Produced in conjunction with the Lesbian and Gay Foundation. This guidebook gives male escorts clear and precise information on how to stay healthy and sane in the sex industry.

Lesbian, gay and bisexual

Feeling good, feeling sexy - Lesbian sexual health including cervical and breast health information

Sort it out - a young person's guide to coming out Produced in conjunction with the Lesbian and Gay Foundation. This resource has been written for young lesbians, gay men and bisexual people and provides advice and information on coming out, sexual health, safety and well being.

Drugs and Alcohol know the score - A drugs and alcohol guide for lesbian, gay and bisexual people produced in conjunction with the Lesbian and Gay Foundation.

HIV Ante-natal screening

The HIV and Pregnancy pack, for Manchester Maternity Hospitals HIV, Pregnancy, you and your baby leaflet
Two educational resources that aim to reduce the number of babies born with HIV antibodies acquired from infected mothers during pregnancy, birth or breastfeeding.

General sexual health

Sex, sex, sex - stay healthy - use a condom leaflet

Orders must be accompanied by cheque/postal order only
Please make cheques payable to North Manchester Primary Care Trust.

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